YouTube Is Live

Over the past two years I’ve been on the fringe of jumping on YouTube. I’ve had the voices in my head preventing me from taking the step. These internal voices happen to EVERYONE and the older I’ve become, the less I really give a shit about them…

…So I started a channel.

I’ll be honest, not being on YouTube has been a major mistake in the growth and development of my business. Not only that, but I’ve limited YOUR resources and growth and development on crushing your Fat Loss goals.

That’s a blunder on my part and I’m sorry for that.

As I shift my business forward, it will primarily be video. It will save me time and it will be easier for you to consume.

I’ve created 4 shows (there will be more) that cover a wide variety of topics.

  • The Q&A Show
  • White Board Chats
  • What’s The Difference Series
  • The Dose Of Dave

I’ll also throw in some rants, entertaining challenges, and motivation.

I hope it’s fun, entertaining and informative.

It would mean a lot if you’d subscribe and provide some feedback. I’m also looking forward to answering your questions!

Check out the Video below!



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