Want Better Fat Loss Results? Adherence Is Your Key

I’ve been inspired the last couple of days to write a few more pieces of content. I’ve been slacking on this part of my business and I apologize to you.

I actually have a handful of blogs queued and I’ll release them over the next few weeks and into the summer. My schedule will slow down and I’ll have more time to write and film for you.

This particular topic has been on my mind the last few days and it’s propelled me to sit down and write up a post. It’s crucial that you understand this, and as this site grows, it’s going to be a key competent in your programming and ability to generate long term health an fitness results.

I want to talk about adherence.

You’ve heard the term before in the context of sticking to something. Stick to your diet, stick to your plan, or stick to your career (the list is endless)…

Essentially adherence means sticking to something for a period of time. In this case, actually sticking to and complete a WORKOUT PROGRAM.

The number one thing you must concern yourself with is adherence.

I had a conversation earlier today with a client and we got into a good discussion.

It involved rest periods, tempos, and volume.

All of this is important when talking about constructing and following a workout program, no doubt.

HOWEVER, these things mentioned above are NOT nearly as important as adherence.

It can look damn good on paper but if you don’t DO IT, it means jack shit.

You can get caught up in the minutia when it comes to programming however I think that really misses the point.

Whatever program you do, yoga, cross fit, bodybuilding splits, spin class etc, if you don’t stay consistent or actually complete them, you won’t maximize your opportunity to get specific results.

Plain and simple.

Trust me when I say this, tempo, range of motion, frequency etc are all important factors that will help make a difference in your training goals. However, none of that shit matters if you lack the consistency and patience to adhere to a specific program.

Start with that first, then you can have the fun conversations regarding all the minutia!


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