Should You Use Lifting Straps?

Straps Can Be The Best Thing For You And The Worst Thing For You

Well, to be honest, I could probably think of a few other things that would be worse for you than straps. I was just trying to be dramatic…

It’s a good question though. Should you use straps when lifting?

It all depends on your goal.

What are lifting straps?

Lifting straps wrap around your wrists and then around the handle of the dumbbell, barbell or any other gym attachment handle.

If you take a look at the image above, you see the black strap around my wrist. What you can’t see is that it’s also wrapped around the handle as well.

This makes it much easier to hold and carry heavier loads by eliminating at lot of the strain on your wrists/forearms.

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When Should You Use Them?

Straps are typically used on pull days, aka “back days.” For example, if you’re deadlifting without straps, your forearms will most likely give out before your posterior chain gives out. By using straps, you will be able to pull more weight, thus activating more muscle fibers on that posterior chain.

That can be beneficial for growth 🙂

You can use them for a variety of rowing or pull down movements.

(Sidenote: Straps technically could be used on “arm day.” I don’t do it but I guess it could be done.)

When Should You Not Use Them?

If your goal is to develop forearm strength then it would be better to avoid straps. If you are specifically training forearms, say for example by doing farmers walks, you’ll want the forearms to take the brunt of the work load.

So as you can see, it really depends on what you’re focusing on. They can be extremely beneficial for one thing but detrimental for another.

I explain them in a bit greater detail in the video below. Check it out here:


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