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Phoenix Golf Fitness Is Located Right In The Heart Of Biltmore/Arcadia Area In Central Phoenix. We work 1 on1 with golfers of all ages in order to help them improve their fitness so they can improve their handicap.
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Golf is a game that requires high levels of skill, eye-hand coordination, flexibility and mobility, muscular power, timing, strength, and endurance. During an 18-hole round of golf, the average male golfer will expend approximately 620 cals. This requires that golfers have somewhat decent levels of aerobic conditioning, as well as muscular strength and endurance. Studies show that golfers who practice often can take as many as 300 swings per a practice session, which requires key levels of flexibility in the hips, legs, and shoulders to be successful.

Key Strength Training Benefits

  • Reduce Or Eliminate Pain While Golfing
  • Improve Ball Striking
  • Increase Stamina
  • Longer Drives
  • Better Recovery and Less Fatigue Between Rounds


Golf is one of the higher injury-producing sports played in the United States. Golf athletes, both amateur and professional, can experience golf-related injuries to various parts of the musculoskeletal system. Studies show that professional and amateur golfers have similar injury rates but experience different types of injuries.
For professional golfers, the most common injuries occur in the low back followed by the left wrist and left shoulder (for right handed golfers). In contrast, the elbow is the most common injury site experienced by amateur golfers, followed by the low back and shoulder.
The majority of injuries that occur in golf are from cumulative trauma caused by technical deficiencies (poor swing mechanics) paired with existing musculoskeletal dysfunctions. In order for a golf swing to be as proficient as possible, the entire human movement system (i.e., nervous system, articular and skeletal system, and muscular system) must possess proper amounts of strength, power, stability, flexibility and neuromuscular control.

Here’s How It Works

The Overall Goal Of Our 1on1 Golf Fitness Program Is To Help You Improve Your Physical Fitness So That You Increase Your Club Distances, Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness, Decrease Your Risk of Injuries And Help You Feel More Confident With Your Game. Here’s How We Do It At Phoenix Golf Fitness


If We Don’t Assess We Don’t Have A Clue What Needs To Be Improved. We Start Here At Square One.

Training Program

We Take What We Gather From The Assessment and Create A Program Specific To You Working On All Aspects Of Strength, Stability, Mobility And Flexibility.


We Evaluate Your Nutritional Needs And Make Adjustments Necessary To Help Fuel Your Body For Optimal Performance.