Is There Any Truth To Muscle Confusion?

Can Muscles Really Get Confused?




I had a client tell me the other day that she was excited to start my fitness program. She was looking for something different and was needing some “muscle confusion.”

I just want to highlight that interaction because it happens more often then you’d think.

First, I think it really boils down to semantics. Even though she was wrong (yes, there is no such thing as muscle confusion) I completely understood what she meant.

Your muscles don’t have brains, therefore they won’t get confused.

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If you really think about it a muscle doesn’t know what’s going on. It just performs what is necessary based off of your actions. There could be a lot of stimulus or a little stimulus. The muscle therefore doesn’t “know” the difference.

What people really mean is they are looking for variation and progression. They want to try something different for the variation. The new stimulus will most likely be a progression from what they were originally doing, hence providing soreness and that feeling of getting stronger.

So it happens, it’s just not “muscle confusion.”

Does that make sense?

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