How To Fix Skinny Fat

Don’t Suffer From Skinny Fat Syndrome




Besides being called dad bod, you’ve probably heard of the term “skinny fat.” That’s when an individual has lean legs, lean arms, and looks thin, but has excess amounts of body fat around the midsection along with the development of man boobs.

Both aren’t good for optimal health and longevity.

As my business has evolved and my site begins to expand, the one thing I will be focusing on is helping you get ripped. I have a lot of things in the works that can help you lose body fat and put on muscle.

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These two things are crucial if you’re goal is to get rid of the “dad bod” look.

So, let’s correct it.

Before you watch this video, I want you to understand how important it is to build muscle. Being that I love lifting weight and this site will be geared towards lifting weights, I will tell you, you must start lifting weights.

Second, your nutrition is going to be paramount when altering your body composition. Usually skinny fat is attributed to a less than stellar diet and genetics.

What I mean by that is genetically you might have a lean structure. Your joints, bones, and body type aren’t “big boned” but instead you’re naturally thin.

That’s super cool and great however when you have more nutritional habits with minimal working out you could end up with the skinny fat look.

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Above all else, put on as much muscle as possible.

Check out my short video on how to fix skinny fat:

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