How Much Protein Is Too Much Protein?

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Protein?

Every now and then you’ll hear a person say that eating protein will cause a whole host of problems.

Or, you might read an article like this and immediately think eating too much protein is bad for you. The problem with this particular article is there is no context to what is too much and zero science backing any of these claims up.

Context is so important in this case.

How much protein does a 6’8, 240 pound guy need vs a 5’4″ 110 pound female?

So to really answer this question, it all depends.

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For those that are concerned with eating too much protein, if you eat 1 gram per pound of LEAN MUSCLE MASS, you will get a good amount of protein and not even come close to the “overconsumption” aspect of it.

If you are trying to add some extra calories or build muscle then 1 gram per pound of BODYWEIGHT should be ok.


What Would Be Considered Too Much?

I hate using generalities so in this case, I’ll use one!

I honestly don’t think ANYONE needs to be over 200 grams of protein. That is a shit ton of protein and not necessary.

Even if you are well over 200 pounds looking to build muscle, I would still stick to 1 gram per pound of your Lean Muscle Mass (which I’d assume would be less than 200 pounds.)*

*If you are less than 10%, and well over 200 lbs. then a different conversation applies

Understand that eating protein won’t automatically pack on muscle. It’s not an anabolic steroid. More of it doesn’t mean more muscle and less of it doesn’t mean less muscle.

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Sometimes people get caught up in this idea that they don’t want to eat too much because they don’t want to pack on too much muscle. That’s simply not the case.

If you have a balanced diet covering the three macronutrients, limit processed foods and get plenty of sleep you will be doing your body a favor. Plus, you’ll probably lose weight.

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