Carbs Won’t Make You Fat

There isn’t a Carb Unicorn that magically stores fat.

One of the biggest misconception perpetuated by the media and zealots is the notion that carbohydrates will make you fat.

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Carbs are one of the 4 macronutrients and they contain 4 calories per gram. Like anything (except in some cases protein) if you consume too much you will put yourself in a caloric surplus. A caloric surplus over the course of time will create fat cells, thus weight gain.

This once again gets back to the question how much is too much then? Well, it would be beneficial if you took the time to learn about macronutrients and how to count them. This would give you solid grasp of understanding nutrition and how macronutrients work together in a diet to provide you you’re daily caloric intake.

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By no means is this suggesting you ramp up your carbohydrate consumption without repercussions. I’m simply stating that there is much more that goes into storing body fat than carbohydrates.

Over consuming carbs is much easier than over consuming protein or fat for that matter. Carbs taste good, they are convenient, they provide little to know satiety making you hungry often and the calories add up quickly with little volume.

2 pounds of spinach is roughly 200 calories while 1 hostess cupcake is roughly 165 calories.

It would be much harder to eat 2 pounds of spinach vs a small hostess cupcake. Plus, the spinach will be loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (all good things). The cupcake, not so much.

Understanding calories by reading food labels and making a conscious effort to avoid higher calories foods in general, can go along way to helping you lose weight.

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It’s not simply a “carb” thing.

Anyways, I filmed this funny vid regarding carbs. Hope you enjoy!

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