Build Bigger Forearms And Increase Grip Strength

How Much You Farmers Walk, Bro?

One of the random things that you’ll start training when you get into weight lifting is your forearms. Typically people train them on “weak point” days or in some cases, “arm” days.

You might not have even thought about training forearms directly and that’s ok because you are most likely training them indirectly.

The truth is, when you’re lifting you’re most likely going to get some forearm activation. How much is depending on what exactly you are doing.

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Typically back days are going to engage the forearms the most followed by days where you specifically train arms.

In my opinion it’s not really a necessity to strictly hammer away at your forearms. If you have a solid lifting program you most likely will target them enough.

I do want to explain three things that you can do that really fire up the forearms. If you do these on the regular you will get bigger and stronger forearms.

  1. Deadlifting – They call this the king of movements for a reason. Not only do you fire up your back side but you activate the living day lights out of your forearms. This is good, really good.
  2. Dead Hangs – Imagine if you were in the movie Cliff Hanger. You have to hold yourself on the rock and not let go. Your forearms would be ON FIRE until you finally fall. Try doing dead hangs daily and your forearms strength will improve.
  3. Farmers Walks – When you go heavy you have no choice but to squeeze. Walk 40,50,60 feet and don’t let go. You’ve probably never felt your forearms like that before and that’s the feeling of gains.

If you don’t like reading all of this stuff I filmed a video for you. I cover those three reasons above right here:

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