Best Lower Abs Exercise For A Six Pack (Must Do)

Yes, You Can Target Your Lower Abs

I love training abs. It’s fun, doesn’t require a lot of time and it gets you one step closer to achieving your six pack.

If you’ve followed my stuff, you know that a disclaimer is coming. If your goal is to get a six pack it is imperative that you lose body fat. This can be done by increasing your caloric expenditure and decreasing your caloric intake.

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Being that diet is important, many people feel that it’s unnecessary to train the core but rather focus solely on diet. This is a huge mistake.

The stronger your core gets, the more functional and mobile you can become. Your core is the foundation of all your movement.

Think about it…

When you squat, you engage your core.
When you deadlift, you engage your core.
When you lift groceries, you should be engaging your core.
When you swing a golf club, you engage your core.

The list goes on and on.

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So this is one of my favorite ab movements. All you need is a post and a resistance band. When done properly, it will fire up your your six pack and get the lower abs popping!

Check it out…

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