Hey, I’m Dave Dreas!

I assume you’re here looking to shed body fat and add some muscle? If that’s the case…you’re in the right place. I’ve been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Ironman Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, ESPN the Magazine and Reebok. But more importantly…

I’m a trainer.

I’ve spent the last six years building Arizona Training Lab in Phoenix, AZ. It’s a cool facility that’s allowed me to work with thousands of people looking to lose fat and build muscle.

Now, I understand that hiring a personal trainer can be expensive so I’ve taken my best information and put it here online. These blog posts have been inspired by my clients so I know for a fact that something on this site can help YOU get better results.

I’ve also created a handful of useful ebooks that can help you lose fat and build muscle. I’ve taken the time to put together workouts that I do and that my clients do so that you can do them as well.

On top of being a trainer I’m also an entrepreneur. I’m no Steve Jobs by any means, but I do enjoy creating and working on my own things vs working for someone else.

That’s a big reason why I own Arizona Training Lab, Dave Dreas.com and my biggest undertaking yet, SKOR For Men.

SKOR For Men is a Men’s Skin Care and Supplement line that caters to middle aged men wanting to take care of themselves both internally and externally. I’ve sourced out the best products I could possibly find and made simply systems so you can take care of your skin and your body internally.

It’s been phenomenal experience thus far and I share all of this in my daily emails. I send out 5 emails a week that discuss a variety of things such as getting shredded, building muscle, grooming 101, mindset, money, and life in general. It’s all good stuff and YOU MUST be on this list. I promise you, it will be worth it.

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