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The Quick 9 Online Coaching Program is a 9-week fitness program designed to help you develop the right habits, eat the right foods, workout the right way so that you improve your golf fitness. Rooted in health and driven by purpose, this program aims to increase your club distances, improve your “on course” stamina and most importantly, prevent you from missing any time due to injury. Are you ready to get a Quick 9 in?

Here’s How It Works

In the next 9 weeks we’ll dive into four topics that will help you improve your golf fitness. By providing you with these weekly resources, I aim to give you the tools necessary for you to improve physically which in turn, will improve your golf game.


Developing a nutrition program that works for you is the key to your success


Your workouts will be tough, challenging, and focused on motor control, strength, mobility and flexibility


The grind gets to everyone. Getting motivated and staying motivated will be the key to your progress


Having someone in your corner is vital for you to reach your maximum potential

Your Complete Virtual Coaching Program Includes…

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    9 Weeks Personal Training

    A structured, laid out for you, strength training, fat loss program filled with cardio workouts and ab finishers.

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    Training Database

    Get full video access to foam rolling, dynamic warm up and movement tutorials so you know exactly how to follow the program. Best of all, how to modify if necessary.

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    Strength Training 101

    Learn the basics of programming and how it’s implemented into your training programs for maximum results. This information is invaluable.

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    Meal Prepping 101

    Learn The Basics of Meal Prep From What To Have In The Kitchen, Quick Tips And Hacks, To How To Store Certain Foods. Once You Get This Down You’ll Be Good Forever.

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    Nutrition Database

    A crucial aspect to your overall success this section is loaded with content teaching you how intermittent fasting, counting macros and dieting works.

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    Nutrition 101

    Learn the basics when it comes to eating for fat loss. Get a better understanding of what’s truly important when it comes to losing fat and building muscle.

Plus You Get Full Access To Me…24/7 Support And Accountability

Dave Dreas

Intermittent Fasting, Coffee Drinking, Michigan Wolverines Psycho Fan

This Is For You If You:

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    Don't Have A Specific Plan

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    Aren't Getting Results

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    Need Direction

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    Struggle With Motivation

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    Want To Lose Fat

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    Want To Improve Your Golf Game



I work with men who are disciplined, motivated and willing to take massive action to succeed. If this is you, then we would get along great. 🙂


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must Have Access To A Gym
  • Knowledge base of squatting, bench pressing, and deadlifting
  • Access to Cardio Equipment
  • No Major Injuries
*Once Submitted I will give you a phone call within 24 hours


$299 paid in full or $175 paid in two installments which is a fraction of the price for two months of personal training.
9 Weeks from start to finish. You will get access on the Saturday before the next coming Monday.

(For example, if today is Thursday, you will get access to the starting material on Saturday with the program starting on Monday)

Every Sunday you will receive the new weeks updated content. This will include the weeks workout, ab finishers, weekly task, nutrition, training and motivational videos.
As much as you’d like. You’ll have email access where we can chat regularly.
You need to have a base understanding of these movements. This is an 8 week strength program that focuses on the big, compound movements. These movements will burn calories, build muscle, help you move better, and improve your overall physical fitness. It’s important that you know these and don’t have any limiting factors preventing you from completing this program.
When training you’ll have some aches and pains. That’s different than a major injury. If you are recovering from surgery, have torn ligaments, or can’t do a handful of compound movements then this program isn’t a good fit. I have other programs that are less intensive and can certainly help you get fit.
I’ve been training people in person for years and I have a full understanding of what it takes for my clients to lose weight. I’ve finally been able to put all of this information, and more, into an online platform where I can deliver all the information you need. Essentially, I’ve taken what I do in person and put it online at a fraction of the cost. Lastly, I know it works, you just have to put in the work and you’ll get great results.