4 Simple Tips For Bigger Arms

Armed And Dangerous…

Males are particularly insecure about the size of their arms. I’m saying this from experience and I understand the frustration one might have not seeing any results in the gym.

Like everything fitness related, you must put in time in order to get bigger arms.

Time is the key to weight loss and muscle gain. All the supplements, tips, tricks, hacks, etc work if you don’t put in the time.

I’m not saying this to discourage you. I’m giving you realistic expectations so that you understand the importance of being consistent.

Following these four tips on the regular will help you get bigger arms. Plain and simple.

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You just have to do the work.

Here are the four tips.

Progressive Overload – You need to be sure to overload the muscles. This can be done a variety of ways. You could increase your weight, reps, sets, and movements. Don’t continue to do the same thing over and over again or you will continue to get the same results…or lack their of.

Train Different Angles – I said this in my blog on how to get bigger shoulders. Hit your biceps from different angles (incline, preacher, EZ bar,  rope, etc) and do the same with your triceps. You want to maximize every muscle fiber possible.

Train Your Triceps – The larger muscle of the two (bicep/tricep) so when that gets bigger so does your overall arm. I’d possibly add an extra tricep movement or two each day to give the triceps more work.

Frequency – Train them 2-3 times a week. Make sure you give them rest but there is no reason you could’t hit them on Monday, Thursday, or Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Do this with following the other 3 tips and you leave yourself no choice but to grow

(Side note – Make sure your nutrition is on point. I’ve seen guys get bigger arms but they also gain 5-10 lbs of fat. That’s not cool.)

I filmed a video talking about these 4 tips. Check it out here:




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