3 Tips To Building Bigger Shoulders

Your Shoulders Set The Tone For The Rest Of Your Physique

If your goal is to develop a nice set of shoulders then it’s imperative that you follow these three tips so that you can maximize your effort in the gym.

I love training shoulders. A nice, broad set of shoulders sets the tone for the rest of your body.

Before I get into any of this, make sure that you have healthy shoulders. None of this is applicable if you currently struggle with basic shoulder movements.  A shoulder impingement or other disfunction can be a life long problem and that’s not good. Make sure you’re healthy and good to go.

Continuing on, it’s important that you have good range of motion through both shoulder joints. When you start lifting heavier loads through a variety of ranges of motion, it can end up causing pain, discomfort and injury. Be sure to properly warm up the shoulders and make sure they are activated and ready to go before working out.

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Let’s dive into the tips:

  1. Frequency – How often you train them will help speed up the process. If you’re lacking, training them 2-3 times a week can be beneficial. Also, increasing your rep ranges from the standard 8-12 to 15-30 can help. This is a muscle group that is going to require a lot repetition in order to see results.
  2. Lose some body fat – A decrease in body fat will help develop a few more cuts around the shoulder/tricep/bicep area. This will provide a more aesthetic look and visually make it look like your shoulders are “bigger.”
  3. Train from all angles. You must hit the front, lateral and rear. Neglecting this can hinder the overall development of your shoulders.

I filmed a video talking about these three tips in greater detail. Check it out here:


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