23 Killer Push Up Variations

Simplicity Is Key

Push Ups are on of the most basic fitness movements that one can do in order to help improve strength. Even though it’s a basic movement, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

Anytime I have a new personal training client I always give them a fitness assessment. During this assessment I want to watch them do a push up.

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It’s here where I can see if there are any muscle imbalances but more importantly I can assess the individuals strength.

For someone who doesn’t perform push ups often, 5 can be very challenging. If that’s the case, the goal should be able to build up from 5 in order to improve overall body strength, power, and endurance.

For others, push ups can get somewhat boring because they can perform a ton of them without much struggle. If that’s the case, it’s time to add a few variations.

Some of these variations really change the push up ball game. If you’re stuck in a plateau or tired of doing standard push ups, give some of these variations a try.

Push Up Variations here:

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