11 Inspirational Greg Plitt Quotes About Success In Life

Legends Never Die

I got into the fitness industry awhile back and Greg Plitt had a lot to do with it. I remember seeing him on covers back in the mid 2000’s and from that point on he was my go to inspiration.

Looking back, I’d often watch his videos before I’d go lift. His videos were awesome because they were real and authentic. Not to mention, they were motivating as F$#*.

I was forunte enough to meet him on a couple of occasions at the Arnold and the Olympia. He’d always have the longest lines at the expos and believe it or not, he’d stay until the end taking pics and answering people’s questions.

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For those that are unaware, Greg passed January 2015. The world lost one of the top dogs in the industry. He was truly irreplaceable and I’ll do my part to keep his legacy strong.

It’s the perfect opportunity to step back and realize you can’t take life for granted. Live it to the fullest and burn your path bright.

Here were some of my favorite Greg Plitt Quotes:


The only reps you don’t grow from, are the reps you don’t fucking do. – Greg Plitt


“There are two types of pain, the one that breaks you and the one that changes you. In the gym, pain is felt as a result of weakness leaving the body. Physical pain is the pain of transformation and the pain of progress. The more you endure, the harder it becomes to accept the thought of failure.” – Greg Plitt


You give your all right here. Not only you create the body, but you create the invincible will. Starting your day in the morning, have a positive feel about your day. Going out into the business world, and you’ve already paid for your fucking do, feel alive. – Greg Plitt


Your body is the house you force to live in for the rest of your life. You don’t get to sell, you don’t get foreclosure, you can’t do a quick sale. All you can do is to modify and improve it. Or you can tarnish it. One house to live in, man. What kind of house do you want to live in? – Greg Plitt


Stop fucking going about the day as a servant , become the master, run your day and stop letting it run you. – Greg Plitt


In life, it’s not the genetic guy who wins or the guy with the most potential who wins; it’s the person with the greatest perseverance who wins. Always be willing to get up and go at it again and again. That’s the guy who has his hands raised later in life. That’s the guy you guys need to be. – Greg Plitt


The difference between a winner and a loser – they both failed, but the winner gets back up and does it again and again until it goes his way. – Greg Plitt


You must believe in yourself enough to be the person now that others will remember you for later. – Greg Plitt


That’s Not Normal. Because We Don’t Want To Be Normal. Normality Is What Weak People Call Living. I Call It Death – Greg Plitt


There’s no excuse to not be the hardest motherfucking worker in the room, whatever it may be, your job, the gym, your relationship. Your name’s attached to it, and that has to mean more than anything. – Greg Plitt


“It’s early in the morning and your competition is still sleeping.” – Greg Plitt


Which Greg Plitt Quote is your favorite?

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